Monday, December 14, 2009

...stay tuned

Thank you to all the artists who participated....and you the viewer for checking us out. Stay tuned and keep this blog never know when something new will show up here. Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The auction has started!

The Lake Champlain Quadricentennial Vermont Watercolor Society fundraiser auction is LIVE! Thank you for visiting, please look over the lovely watercolors below and click on the links for your chance to own a piece of original Vermont artwork by our talented society members! Have a Happy Holiday Season.

LIVE Auction!

"Sailing" 22"x28" matted
Watercolor by Kathleen Berry Bergeron

LIVE Auction!

"Champlain Summer Sails" 10"x14" image 15"x19" matted
Watercolor by Annelein Beukenkamp

LIVE Auction!

"Sailing Lake Champlain" 11"x14"
Watercolor by Karen Casper

LIVE Auction!

"Tugboat, "Urger"" 15"x22" unmatted/unframed
Watercolor by Laurence Coffin

LIVE Auction!

"Ocean Rocks #3" 7"x12" unmatted/unframed
Watercolor by Don Dalton

LIVE Auction!

"Lake Champlain Lighthouse" 5"x7" image size 8"x10" matted
Watercolor by Diana D. Dunn

LIVE Auction!

"Summer Sails" 91/2"x12" image size 12"x16" matted
Watercolor by Donna Koutrakos

Friday, August 21, 2009

Day in the shade

On Saturday August 15th, 7 members of the Vermont Watercolor Society met at the Burlington Waterfront for a day of painting beautiful Lake Champlain for the Quadricentennial. The paintings created and any inspired by the vistas will be auctioned off as a fundraiser to benefit the society, Dragonheart Vermont (a breast cancer charity) and the artists. We painted for several hours in the morning and gathered around for lunch chatting about various art related topics. Visitors were plentiful and we handed out cards with this new blog address to interested individuals. Participants were: Kathy Berry Bergeron, Annelein Beukenkamp, Caren D. Calafati, Karen Casper, Larry Coffin, Diana D. Dunn and Donna Koutrakos. The day was perfect, as was the weather and we had a wonderfully shady spot overlooking all the happenings by the Burlington Boathouse. We would like to extend an invitation to all members to put a lake/pond/body of water inspired painting in the upcoming fundraiser auction. We will place the images on this blog with a link to an auction site for interested patrons to place their bids. We are gearing this auction to take place around the holidays.
Please check back for more information and to see the work soon!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quadricentennial Fundraiser

The Vermont Watercolor Society is pleased to announce their
fundraising paint-out event to be held on the shores
of Lake Champlain in Burlington.
10 - 4 p.m.
Come see artists paint the beauty of the Lake and come back
later to this blog for your chance to bid on those paintings!
participating artists:
(list will be regularly updated)
The auction will benefit:
the artists

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sample Watercolors

Kathy Berry Bergeron
Karen Casper

Annelein Beukenkamp

Diana D. Dunn

These are some example pieces of the kind of work

you might see at our upcoming auction...check back.

Ebay auction information

The Vermont Watercolor Society will auction the paintings created on Saturday August 15th, in December. Please check back. We will post the paintings with a link to ebay and you will have a chance to place your bid. Shipping and handling fees will be additional and will be explained on the auction page. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you think might be interested.